What maintenance is required for optimal low level readings with the TU5300?

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Published Date 07/01/2022
What maintenance is required for optimal low level readings with the TU5300?
How to get accurate low level readings with a TU5300
Please see the below tips to help achieve optimal accuracy with very low level readings using the TU5300. Please review the accuracy and repeatability specifications on the Datasheet TU5 Series Turbidimeters_DOC050.53.10053
Cleaning of the cell compartment is critical in achieving accuracy with very low level readings. There is a blue filter that sits in the sample compartment that can collect dust, water residue and other contaminants over time. This must be cleaned and blown out with air periodically for optimal low level accuracy.
The cleanliness of the vial could also have an effect on reading liquid turbidity standards or sample. Ensuring the vials are clean is the only way to get an accurate readings. If you shine a bright LED light under the vial with water in the cell, you can sometimes see the stains that develop on the inside of the vial over time. Hydrochloric Acid works well to clean iron, magnesium and other contaminants from the vial. If you are unsure if the vial is clean, replace it and see if the results improve.

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