PIB 37-730 SC4500 Now Available

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Document ID PIB604

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Published Date 05/09/2022
PIB 37-730 SC4500 Now Available
Product Launch for distribution to Global subscribers.
Applies to the Hach Process brands.

Hach’s next-generation two-channel digital controller is here! The SC4500 – with a color touchscreen display and Claros compatibility – is Ready for Now, Ready for the Future.

Key Message Points
  • SC4500 Digital Controller is now available
  • Compatible with a broad family of sc sensors and analyzers
  • Compatible with Claros Mobile Sensor Management
  • Wide range of communication protocols, including Profinet IO and EtherNet/IP
  • From now until the end of 2021: Bundle with Claros and Save!


Product Images:

 A close up of a device

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Product Information: SC4500 on Hach.com


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