PIB 37-690 Claros Release Notes 2021.2 - New functionalities and features

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Published Date 08/12/2021
PIB 37-690 Claros Release Notes 2021.2 - New functionalities and features
Product Update for distribution to NA, EU and LATAM subscribers.
Applies to the Hach Claros brands.

Hach is excited to announce the latest updates, improvements and added features for Claros™, the Water Intelligence System. The following sections highlight deployment and what to expect in the latest features and fixes. For more information on Claros and Claros-enabled products, please visit hach.com/claros.

Date of Deployment:
August 12th, 2021

Time for Deployment
What to Expect: While the applications are updating, you may notice a slowdown or service interruption. If this happens, please log out and then sign back in to the application. For Mobile Sensor Management (MSM) customers, there will be no interruption to data that is sent to the SCADA system.

Web App: No action is required, as the update is applied by Hach.
Android Native App: Update the app in the Google Play Store. Note this may happen automatically if Auto Update is enabled for the Claros App. See https://support.google.com/googleplay/answer/113412 for information on updating Android Apps.

iOS Native App: The iOS update is typically available several days after Hach deploys the app as it goes thru an Apple approval process. To check to see if the update is available, go to the App Store on your device, tap the Updates Icon and click the UPDATE button next to the Claros App.

Claros Platform: 2021.2

Claros Platform: What's New

  • Users now have access to the Claros Status Page to check current system status and receive updates on possible system outages or feature limitations. The Claros Status Page can be accessed by selecting the Claros Status link located at the bottom of the Claros Login screen or the bottom of the Claros Landing screen.
If you have already logged into an application, simply select your username located in the upper right of the Claros header bar and select the Claros Status menu item. Users shall continue to be logged out when selecting their username from the Claros header bar when on the Claros Landing screen.
If you wish to check on system availability without logging into Claros go to https://status.claros.hach.com/
  • New parameters have been added to the Claros library. Click here for more information.

Instrument Management: What's New

  • MSM Maintenance Workflows: Enhancements to the MSM Maintenance Workflows resulted in an overall improvement of the user experience by:
    • Streamlining the steps within the workflows
    • Better handling of edge cases so that users no longer get stopped within a workflow
    • Removing options to instrument workflows that are not available (for example, a user would no longer see a calibration workflow option for an instrument that is not installed)
  • Bug fixes and stability improvements

Data Management: What's New

  • Bug fixes and stability improvements
North America only:*
WaterTrax - What's New*
  • Bug fixes and stability improvements
Notable bug fixes and stability improvements
  • Lab Cal allows two users to simultaneously generate samples.
  • Conditional format displays error "Item not found in collection" if format is set to compare to a limit that no longer exists.
  • Custom Data Entry does not allow qualifiers to be entered on some cells if additional info fields are displayed.
  • When editing the SampledBy or ReceivedBy fields receive error "GetGenericName fielded to find..." in Close/Edit or Receive Samples forms
Minor Feature Additions
  • Lab Cal: Clear future schedule and Regen added to Lab Cal Utilities menu for Super users.
  • Added AnalystName (AnalystNM) to CMDP report XML output.
  • MVUDWO now supports WHERE clauses with references to the location table.
Read the full list of feature updates FSDATA - What's New*
  • This release contains a few fixes to the application. Please explore more detailed release notes for this release and previous releases here.

Process Management: What's New

  • Bug fixes and stability improvements
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Best Regards,

The Hach Claros Team


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