Can the CL10sc be used to measure chlorine in seawater?

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Published Date 02/02/2022
Can the CL10sc be used to measure chlorine in seawater?
using the CL10sc with seawater
The CL10 sc will not work well with seawater applications or with any process water that has high salt concentrations, we recommend customers use the CL17 for seawater applications.  There are two main reasons for this recommendation.  The first reason is the  auxiliary electrode in the CL10 sensor is made from stainless steel.  High salt content will lead to corrosion of this electrode which will lead to frequent electrode replacements.  The second reason has to do with the electrolyte used inside the sensor.  High ionic strength of the sample requires special electrolyte which may affect the readings resulting in drift, high swings, electrolyte gets worn out fast, etc. 

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