FSDATA Online Resource Library

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Published Date 05/25/2022
FSDATA Online Resource Library
FSDATA Online is part of Claros™, the Water Intelligence System from Hach. It is a web-based software solution that provides easy access to your wastewater collection system flow data from anywhere, 24-7. FSDATA Online supports your work, helping you proactively respond to the possibility of upset conditions, meet regulations, avoid fines, and keep the environment healthy.
Product Information:

FSDATA Online gives you:
  • Increased confidence in your measurements
  • Reduced resource spend through reduced site visits
  • Simple and straightforward workflows to compile and easily share data for easy data
  • 24-7 alarm notifications to avoid sewer system overflows

Explore the FSData Online Software_DOC063.53.30674

The FSDATA Online software in Claros replaces an Adobe Flash based FSDATA Online predecessor software. If you are transitioning from the older version of FSDATA Online, click here to find more information about making the switch, including information about subscription options, transitioning to the new software, FAQs, and more.

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