How is an update on Hach WIMS performed?

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Published Date 05/26/2021
How is an update on Hach WIMS performed?
Step by Step guide to performing an update of Hach WIMS.
After downloading the required patches needed for the update as in the article:  What is the update process for Hach WIMS services and client?,  move all files to the Hach WIMS Server. 
Stop all Hach WIMS Services that to be updated in the Windows Services program.
Run each of the MSI that were downloaded.  The MSI can be run in any order.  Leave everything as default but check that the folder it is writing to has the correct file location:

If the file location is different from where service folder is on the Hach WIMS Server then change it to match the appropriate folder.
Once all MSI have been run then run the ClientPatchXXX.exe as an admin.
Choose the file you want to extract the files to - default is the folder the Client Patch is in.  Then hit extract.

Once the extraction is done, navigate to the ServerSetup_MSSQL folder (or ServerSetup_Oracle if running Oracle database) and launch the svrSetup.exe as an administrator:

Click Next, then make sure it's connecting to the Hach WIMS SQL Database you want to update:

Click Next.  Enter a Super User's user name and password.

Click Next than navigate to Upload Updates:

Click browse then navigate back to the folder where the ClientPatchXXX.exe was extracted to and select the silentupdate.exe

Check version and click update:

The following pop up will appear:

Press okay and let it think for a couple minutes, you will receive the following pop up when it is done:

Press okay and close Server Setup then navigate back to the Hach WIMS Client folder and run the clientup.exe as an admin

Once the clientup.exe has run Hach WIMS should automatically launch with the updated version.  Once that occurs log into Hach WIMS using a super account and go to System Setup - Admin Console and change the minimum client version to the updated version number.  This ensures that when the clients first log in after the update a pop up will appear prompting to update the program.   Note: If upgrading to V8.0.0 the WIMS Prerequisites MSI must be run on every client computer before the clients can update.
Finally go into the Services app on the Hach WIMS Server and make sure all the Hach WIMS Services are running again.

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