How should I install the external sample filter on a 5500 AMC?

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Published Date 02/04/2021
How should I install the external sample filter on a 5500 AMC?
external sample filter for 5500 AMC
If additional filtration is needed for a sample going to a 5500 AMC analyzer, filter part number 9623400 can be installed.
This 100um external filter should be installed in the sample line upstream from the regular sample conditioning kit. The filter housing has 1” NPT threads on inlet/outlet and will need to be outfitted with appropriate reducers to connect the 6-mm (¼” OD) tubing coming to the analyzer.
The best way to reduce maintenance is to order a spare filtration element, part number 9624500, and replace working element once it is fouled (pressure/flow is reduced). The fouled filtration element can be washed manually and prepared for next round of exchange as needed. The element swap takes about 1 minute and does not require stopping the analyzer.

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