Why is my 5500sc AMC analyzer stuck in a 'measurement' mode without any progress?

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Published Date 02/04/2021
Why is my 5500sc AMC analyzer stuck in a 'measurement' mode without any progress?
5500 AMC stuck in measurement mode
When a 5500sc AMC analyzer seems to be stuck showing a 'measurement' message without any progress or new results it could be an indication the level sensor (also called a float sensor) on the sample holder isn't working properly.
The level sensor is used to stop incoming sample flow when the sample holder is full.  If this float sensor is faulty or not communicating properly the analyzer stays in a flush mode.  When the analyzer is stuck in flush the normal operation of the analyzer is halted and the display shows 'measurement' without any new results.  There is currently no warning for this float sensor or an analyzer stuck in a flush mode. 
If you suspect the level sensor may be causing the issue, watch the analyzer for at least 4.5 minutes to ensure if finishes the current cycle and updates the screen.  If the 'measurement' message doesn't change check to make sure the level sensor has the correct input configuration.

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