How Can the Lamp on a 2100Q be tested

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Published Date 01/28/2021
How Can the Lamp on a 2100Q be tested
2100Q Lamp Check
A defective lamp may not always result in the "Please check the lamp!" error message.
If the user receives "Detector signal too low!" error, it is recommended to check the meter lamp.
Since the meter does not allow the read function while the cell compartment lid is open, there is no way to verify that the lamp illuminates by reading while viewing an empty cell compartment.
Instead, one can open the lamp cover by removing the four screws holding it in place. First, verify that the lead wires are well connected, and are not pinched, per the lamp replacement instructions in the user manual. Then, power the meter on, close the cell compartment lid, and press read while viewing the exposed lamp. One should see the lamp illuminate.
If batteries have been replaced, try a new lamp to resolve the "Signal detector too low!" error first.

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