How to adjust/control flow through a TU5300/TU5400 turbidimeter.

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Published Date 03/31/2021
How to adjust/control flow through a TU5300/TU5400 turbidimeter.
Adjust flow through a TU5300 & TU5400. 
See the below  attachment for a TU5300/TU5400 flow control instruction sheet.
The below video shows an easy way to visually ensure a proper flow is going through the turbidimeter.  The below procedure/tightening of the back pressure valve was followed in the video until any visible bubbles were no longer seen swirling through the vial.
After a good calibration on the turbidimeter, remove the process head with the flow connections still attached.  Place a flashlight below the process vial as shown in this video.  The bubbles will be instantly visible.  Increase the flow to be within flow specification and then slowly tighten the back pressure valve. 

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