PIB 37-553 Product Launch - RTC-DAF

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Document ID PIB432

Published Date

Published Date 09/09/2020
PIB 37-553 Product Launch - RTC-DAF

Hach is pleased to announce the launch of RTC-DAF, a Claros Process Management software solution. RTC-DAF simplifies Dissolved Air Flotation (DAF) process management and maximizes performance through real-time measurements and optimized chemical dosing control.
PIB Type
Product Launch
Key Message Points
  • Product launch of RTC-DAF software
  • Benefits include real-time DAF process visibility, consistent DAF results, reduced effluent costs, time savings, chemical savings and training/knowledge preservation.
  • The launch includes both the base RTC-DAF module and an expanded RTC-DAF+ module with enhanced pH control, parts per million (PPM)-based dosing, advanced independent coagulant/flocculant control, and a process flow-style visualization.
  • In North America only, a Panel option is also available to simplify installation and integration; contact your local Hach RTC Specialist to learn more

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