How is the SC sensor or module software updated using the SC200 controller?

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Published Date 05/29/2020
How is the SC sensor or module software updated using the SC200 controller?
Software update procedure for digital SC sensors connected to an SC200
Firmware for any digital sensors and modules attached to an SC200 controller can be updated through the controller itself.

Source for sensor firmware
The latest versions of the sensor and module firmware are available on .  If the updates are not on the website, please contact Hach Technical support for help.
  1. On search the sensor you'd like to update.  After searching for the analyzer/controller/sensor of interest, choose the 'downloads' tab and scroll to the 'software/firmware' section.Select the software to be downloaded by clicking on the corresponding software package. 
  2. Select 'download' and 'save file as'.  Then select the folder the zip file will be saved in. 
  3. Open the zip file
  4. Go to file/extract all and click on "next>"
  5. Select the folder the zip file will be extracted to. In the case where the zip file is being extracted directly to a SD card, please ensure that the file that is extracted is written to the correct directory on the SD card. 
  6. For the SC200 Controller, save the contents of the folder to the root directory of the SD card.
  7. Many of the sensors have an SD card image on the website.  This image is specific to the SC200 file structure.NOTE: when using an SD card image it is best to save the file to a computer,  unzip it and then transfer the entire HACH folder to the SD card.
  8. The file will unzip end expand to create a directory, the subdirectories in the "Firmware"  folder depend on the software packages that have been downloaded.
In the case where a file directory structure already exists on the SD card, the sensor software files should be copied into the correct directories automatically.
sc200  where an SD card image exists
  1. Save the unzipped SD card image from website to a computer.
  2. Drag and drop the entire HACH folder to a blank SD card.
  3. The location of the files will be in the correct location for the SC200 to find them.  Continue with step 6 from the below section 'sc200 unformatted file'.
Sc200 unformatted file
  1. Enter the formatted SD card into the SD card slot of the sc200. The sc200 will auto generate a directory on the SD card
  2. Attach the card reader device to the PC and install the SD card in the device.
  3. In the directory of the SD card, open the HACH folder.
  4. Select the Firmware folder. The list of device folders is shown. If a device is not in the folder list, install the SD card in a controller that has the device installed. The controller will create the device folder in the Firmware folder.
  5. Move or copy the latest firmware files from their source to the correct device folder. The latest firmware can be found on Danaher Connect (see above)
  6. Remove the SD card and install it in the sc200 controller.
    1. The controller does not automatically transfer information to or from an SD card.
    2. Each controller will have an associated folder on the SD system. To make sure software updates are in the correct folder for the controller in use, it is best to use a separate dedicated SD card for each controller.
  7. From the Settings Menu, select SD Card Setup and push the ENTER key.
  8. Select Upgrade Software and push the ENTER key.
    1. The sc200 only shows the software versions that are equal to or greater than the version currently installed on the device.
  9. Select a device from the list and push the ENTER key. The list of options includes the controller and all connected devices that have software placed in the appropriate folder on the SD card.
  10. If more than one version of the upgrade software is available, select a version and push the ENTER key.
  11. Push the ENTER key to begin the software transfer. The display will show "Transferring files. Please wait..." The percentage of completion appears in the bottom left corner of the display. The upgrade cannot be halted once it has begun.
  12. When the transfer is successful, the display will show "Transfer complete" along with a prompt to push ENTER to restart the controller or to push the BACK key and exit to the SD Card Setup menu. Controller updates take effect when the controller is restarted. A restart is not necessary for sensor updates. Please note that upon restart the screen will display a checkers board for about 20 sec. After that the normal startup sequence begins.
  13. If the transfer is unsuccessful, the display will show "Transfer failed" and an error message. Press the ENTER key to acknowledge the warning and exit out of the menu
Firmware updates with DataCom
Direct communication between a computer and the SC200 requires the current Datacom Version and a service cable/RS232 interface cable.  The part number for this interface cable is LZX887.  See the below links.
Using DataCom for the sc200 is similar to the update procedure for the sc100 controller.
Please see
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Additional resources can be found at: 
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