Lachat Method: Conductivity 10-302-00-1-A (QC8000)

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Published Date 01/17/2022
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Lachat Method: Conductivity 10-302-00-1-A (QC8000)
Method # Range MDL Units Matrix Rev. Date
10-302-00-1-A (QC8000) 5.94-575 0.5 μS/cm Waters 29-Nov-07
The sample is injected into a deionized water carrier and passes through a conductivity meter, which has a 0.25 μL flow cell volume. The meter and flow cell provide automatic temperature compensation to 25°C for the reported conductivity of the sample. The 100 millivolt full-scale recorder output of the meter is fed to the QC 8000 system direct voltage input module. Conductivity is proportional to peak area for the specified ranges.

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