Lachat Method: Chloride 12-117-07-1-B

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Published Date 05/11/2020
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Lachat Method: Chloride 12-117-07-1-B
Method # Range MDL Units Matrix Rev. Date
12-117-07-1-B 0.25-30.0 0.05 mg/L Cl- Soil Extracts 26-Aug-11
Soil samples are extracted using a solution of calcium nitrate. Calcium nitrate is used to flocculate clay and speed the extraction process. Activated carbon is used to decolorize samples prior to analysis.

In the extracts, thiocyanate ion is liberated from mercuric thiocyanate by the formation of soluble mercuric chloride. In the presence of ferric ion, free thiocyanate ions form the highly colored ferric thiocyanate, of which the absorbance is proportional to the chloride concentration. Ferric thiocyanate absorbs strongly at 480 nm. The calibration curve is non linear.

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