Lachat Method: Amylose 20-244-00-1-A

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Document ID ME169

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Published Date 01/18/2022
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Lachat Method: Amylose 20-244-00-1-A
Method # Range MDL Units Matrix Rev. Date
20-244-00-1-A 1-500 0.044 mg/L Amylose Food Stuffs 20-Jul-07
Amylose is a starch that is extracted from rice with a 1 N NaOH / 10% EtOH digestion. Once the amylose is extracted, the digested samples react with an iodine / acetic acid solution at a pH of 4.5-4.7 to produce a blue color which is measured at 600 nm. Absorbance is proportional to concentration.

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