How are measured values sorted on the sc1000?

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Published Date 04/04/2022
How are measured values sorted on the sc1000?
To configure the measurement display:

1. Tap in the bottom-left corner of the measurement display to display the pop-up toolbar.
2. Press the LIST button. The output values of probes and apparatus are displayed.

3. Press the button showing a WRENCH. The display is divided into an overall list of all devices and the selected measurement display.
4. Select an entry in the upper part of the list.
5. Press the ADD button (DOWN ARROW) to transfer the entry to the measurement display.
6. Press the REMOVE button (UP ARROW) to delete a selected entry from the measurement display.
7. Press the ENTER key to confirm the selection. The measurement display appears on the screen. Depending on the number of selected values and the activated screen display options, users may need to scroll up or down to see all the selected values.

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