Where can I find information on how to determine ammonium using the LCK302, LCK303, LCK304, LCK305 test?

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Published Date 04/04/2022
Where can I find information on how to determine ammonium using the LCK302, LCK303, LCK304, LCK305 test?
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Measuring principle:
Ammonium ions react with hypochlorite ions and salicylate ions as a catalyst for indophenol blue at pH 12.6 in the presence of sodium nitroprusside.

Surface water, waste water, soil eluate, substrate solutions

Measurement ranges:
LCK302: 47 - 130 mg/L NH 4-N or 60 - 167 mg/L NH 4
LCK303: 2 - 47 mg/L NH 4-N or 2.5 - 60 mg/L NH 4
LCK304: 0.015 - 2 mg/L NH 4-N or 0.02 - 2.5 mg/L NH 4
LCK305: 1 - 12 mg/L NH 4-N or 1.3 - 15 mg/L NH 4
Select whether the result should be displayed in mg/L NH 4-N or in NH 4 on the photometer under "Options", "Other", "Chemical form".
On the DR3900 and DR6000, the display can also be changed by tapping the touchscreen.

Result reliability, standard control:
LCA700 (for LCK304) standard concentration 1 mg/L NH 4-N, confidence level +/- 0.1 mg/L
LCA703 (for LCK303) standard concentration 25 mg/L NH 4-N, confidence level +/- 1.5 mg/L
LCA704 (for LCK305) standard concentration 5 mg/L NH 4-N, confidence level +/- 0.5 mg/L
LCA705 (for LCK302) standard concentration 80 mg/L NH 4-N, confidence level +/- 10 mg/L

Sample preparation:
Samples must be colourless, clear and free of turbidity.
Parameter-specific sample preparation
If the sample is coloured, the sample-specific blank value must be taken into account.

Temperature influence:
The temperature of the sample and the cells plays an important role in the formation of the colour complex. The test must be measured at 20 °C.
Application report: Influence of temperature on the measurement result
In this case, an application for temperature compensation in the tests LCK303, LCK304 and LCK305 for photometers DR3900 and DR6000.

Plausibility check:
Every analysis must always be checked by diluting and/or spiking the sample.

Required equipment:
To evaluate the ammonium cell tests, you need a HACH photometer, pipettes and, if necessary, filters (LCW904, LCW916)

Preservation of samples:
Sample preservation list is not recommended for ammonium determination tests.

Work instructions for the test:

Ammonium measurement range exceeded in LCK304 for DR2800,DR3800,DR3900,DR5000,DR6000
Determination of ammonium using LCK304 after distillation with MicroDist, APP-PHM-0014

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