How is a server migration for Hach WIMS performed?

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Published Date 04/16/2020
How is a server migration for Hach WIMS performed?
Step by Step guide to perform server migrations for Hach WIMS.
In order to perform a server migration for Hach WIMS, the following is required: The first step is to install Hach WIMS server and client components on the new server.  See How is Hach WIMS installed on a server?
The next step is to restore the backup databases.  See How is a Hach WIMS backup restored using Server Setup? 
The last step is to update each of the individual clients to point to the new server.
Go to the HachWIMS folder on the client computer (this is usually in the C drive but may be anyway on the computer). 
Go into the Client folder and open the file Hach_WIMS_Client.ini.
Change the datasource to match the new server name.

If Hach WIMS is running on the SQL Express that is installed with Hach WIMS, the datasource should always end in \OPSSQL.
Once this is done, the new server should be up and running and all Hach WIMS clients should be able to connect to it.

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