How often does the Sonatax sc need to be calibrated?

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Published Date 02/27/2020
How often does the Sonatax sc need to be calibrated?
Only the position sensor can be calibrated on the Sonatax sc.  The ultrasonic device is tested at the factory and needs no further calibration.  During operation we recommend including a service contract which will ensure the performance of the probe by maintaining it once a year.

The performance of the probe can roughly be tested by using a transparent pole (called a water core sampler or Sludge Judge) with an approximate diameter of 3 – 5 cm and can reach the length of the tank depth.
The water core sampler can be carefully lowered in the tank and after reaching the ground it can be carefully removed after capping the top. The existing sludge level can be seen through the transparent pole walls.

Another option is to check the sludge level with the TSS portable.
Please be aware that the performance of the ultrasonic device is much more sensitive than both mentioned alternatives.

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