How do I configure my AS950 relay outputs?

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Published Date 12/19/2019
How do I configure my AS950 relay outputs?
The following instructions may assist with the development of a relay output for the AS950 sampler.

Relay Output Signals
Some customers require relay outputs to be sent to their PLC or SCADA. On legacy model samplers (SD900 etc), pin F on the AUX port would send a 12 VDC signal to indicate 'Program Complete'. This feature was not incorporaterd into the AS950 sampler.

To initiate a relay output, the below instructions must be followed AND an IO module (IO9001 or IO9004) must be purchased.

IO9001 (Product # 9494500)
  • Relay output x 1
  • No analogue inputs or outputs.
  • No digital inputs or outputs.

IO9004 (Product # 9494600)
  • Relay outputs x 4
  • Analogue outputs x 3
  • Analogue inputs x 3
  • Digitial outputs x 0
  • Digitial inputs x 0

** Note: on IO9001 & IO9004, if relay output and flow input will be used at the same time, the flow signal must be analogue.

Relay Output Programming Instructions
Enter the below on your AS950 unit:

Step 1: Configure the Sampler
  • Select MENU
  • Select AUX and I/O PORT
  • Use UP ARROW to select TYPE
  • Select IO900X
  • Select AC RELAYS
  • Select the required relays:
    • AC Relay 1
    • AC Relay 2
    • AC Relay 3
    • AC Relay 4
  • Select SAVE

STEP 2: Configure the Relay
Enter the below on your AS950 unit:
  • Select MENU
  • Select ADD NEW ALARM
  • Select Alarm Type
    • Program Start
    • Program End
    • Bottle Change
    • Pump Forward
    • Pump Reverse
    • Sample Complete
    • Entire Sample
    • Missed Sample
    • Purge Error
    • Distributor Error
    • Pump Fault
    • Full Bottle
  • Select Action Type
    • Set Relay 1
    • Set Relay 2
    • Set Relay 3
    • Set Relay 4

Relay output will now be set for chosen Relay (ie Relay 1, 2, 3 or 4).

Note: Number of relays will be limited to the IO900X module (shown above).

Wiring must be completed as per the wiring diagram. Additional wiring information provided in the IO900X user manual.


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