How much can PROGNOSYS™ increase cost savings?

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Published Date 10/09/2019
How much can PROGNOSYS™ increase cost savings?
An example of a real-world example of cost savings from using PROGNOSYS™ at a municipality.
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The amount of savings that can be accrued through the use of PROGNOSYS™ can vary from customer to customer. However in a real world example PROGNOSYS™ was deployed as part of a Nitrification/denitrification - real-time control (N/DN-RTC) module at a 3.5 MGD municipal wastewater treatment plant (WWTP) to improve process stability and treatement capacity. In addition to the benefits that the RTC system yeilded for this WWTP,  PROGNOSYS™ allowed for a significant redution of maintenance.

Before PROGNOSYS™ was installed, sensors were manually inspected daily for wear and tear, damage, or failures. This process added at least one hour of extra work each week that is no longer necessary due to the measurement and service indicators on PROGNOSYS™. A simple glance at the controller during their rounds is all that is required of operators now.

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