How does PROGNOSYS™ benefit operators?

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Published Date 10/09/2019
How does PROGNOSYS™ benefit operators?
Description of the benefits of using PROGNOSYS™.
Part of PROGNOSYS™ Frequently Asked Questions

Operators have regularly asked Hach for tools to help them monitor their sensor life and anticipate their maintenance needs. PROGNOSYS™ helps forecast the timin of maintenance tasks and avoid unespected or redundant maintenance.

Typically, the first question an operator asks when an unexpected reading occurs is some version of "Is it my sensor or is it my water?" PROGNOSYS™ removes that anxiety by alerting the operator when the sensor needs calibrating in advance. The operator no longer needs to set up a regular calibration schedule. PROGNOSYS™ lets the operator know when a sensor's performance starts to degrade and when it needs recalibrating.

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