PIB 37-412 Product Launch – InfraCal2 portable FOG, TOG, TPH lab analyzer

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Published Date 09/12/2019
PIB 37-412 Product Launch – InfraCal2 portable FOG, TOG, TPH lab analyzer
United States; Hach Lab; 9/11/2019
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Product launch of the InfraCal2 Oil in Water Analyzer that quickly and accurately measures TOG (total oil & grease), FOG (fats, oil and grease) and TPH (total petroleum hydrocarbons) in municipal wastewater, industrial wastewater, produced water, and soil. This launch is restricted to the US market at this time.


  • InfraCal2 ATR-SP can provide quick, accurate FOG, TOG and TPH measurement in water or soil for process control.

  • Simple 4 step method and results in under 10 minutes

  • Uses significantly less solvent than other methods

  • Portable and battery powered for use in the lab or field

  • Correlates to EPA method 1664

Note: the InfraCal2 can be used for process control or unregulated testing only. Although measurements correlate with EPA method 1664, the IR measurement technique used by the InfraCal2 is not EPA approved.

 Oil, Grease & TPH Analyzers
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