How many applications can be installed on a AT1000?

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Published Date 08/22/2019
How many applications can be installed on a AT1000?
It depends if the AT1000 is a one syringe model (5 applications maximum) or a two syringe model(10 applications maximum).
You cannot have more than two different titrants at the same time on an AT12X2.
You can have 5 applications per line on the main menu, only if these applications use the same titrant, it means same identification for the titrant and same concentration.
Also make sure, that the standard for titrant calibration is identical (same name, same concentration, same stoichiometry), this is checked in expert mode.
You can also have applications that do not use titrant like pH, mV, EC measurement.
You can have two lines if it is a two syringes model.
You only have one line if it is a one syringe model.

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