2019-8 PIB 37-395 Hach New ULR Orthophosphate 50mm cuvette test (Europe)

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Published Date 08/14/2019
2019-8 PIB 37-395 Hach New ULR Orthophosphate 50mm cuvette test (Europe)
Europe; Hach Lab; 08/14/2019
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Product Launch
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Hach is excited to launch a new 50mm cuvette test for the ortho PO4-P determination at very low levels 0,01 - 0,5 mg/L ortho PO4-P. This new test is a fast and easy to handle 50mm cuvette test replacing the old application LCS349.


  • New sensitive method for the determination of ortho-P at very low levels

  • Using a 50mm cuvette and reagents based on the 13mm cuvette test LCK349 (Phosphor molybdenum blue)

  • LCK549 is available only on the DR3900 and DR6000 spectrophotometers

  • A software-update might be necessary to run this new parameter on the spectrophotometers DR3900 and DR6000

  • Method is according to ISO 6878-1-1986, DIN 38405 D11-4

  • Test is designed to monitor the stricter legal requirements for phosphate concentrations in wastewater effluents (e.g. threshold values for ortho-P 0.1 – 0.2 mg/L). 

  Orthophosphate cuvette test 0.01 - 0.5 mg/L PO₄-P, 20 tests

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