TOC600 Analyzer Preventative Maintenance Partnership Scope of Work

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Published Date 07/30/2019
TOC600 Analyzer Preventative Maintenance Partnership Scope of Work

TOC600 Analyzer Preventative Maintenance Partnership

Your Anatel TOC600 Analyzer Field Service is a program designed to provide varying levels of coverage to meet your specific needs and to ensure that your Anatel TOC 600 Analyzer continues to operate at peak performance. If you need assistance between normally scheduled visits, contact your Hach Technical Support Team at 1-800-227-4224 ext. 6189. To speed up your inquiry, please have your partnership, Model and Serial numbers available when you call.

During the annual pre-scheduled site visit your Hach Field Service Manager/Associate will evaluate and perform the services requested by you.
  • Listed below are the coverage options:
    *Customer must specify desired coverage
    FSPTOC600: Bundled services; includes one-time Preventative Maintenance, Calibration, and a full year of Repair for non-preventative maintenance parts.
    Preventative Maintenance: Anatel’s on-line TOC instrumentation requires periodic preventative maintenance to ensure its continued accuracy and reliable performance. Preventative maintenance package includes the following:
    • UV Lamp replacement
    • Battery replacement
    • Air filters replacement
    • 15-micron inlet filter replacement
    • *If Preventative Maintenance is selected, customer must also purchase TOC Calibration
    TOC Calibration: TOC calibration provides a confirmation of the accuracy of the TOC values obtained by Anatel’s on-line TOC instrumentation. This allows you to select from up to three levels (250, 500 and 750 ppb) of sucrose standard. This procedure also allows up to three analysis replicates per standard for maximum accuracy.
    • Conductivity Calibration: Conductivity calibration provides a field confirmation of the accuracy of the conductivity values reported by Anatel’s online TOC instrumentation. This is performed according to the guidelines established in USP method <645>. The procedure uses a NIST- traceable 100-us/cm conductivity standard.
    System Suitability: System Suitability provides a field confirmation of the performance and oxidation efficiency of Anatel’s on-line TOC instrumentation. This is performed according to the guidelines established is the USP method <643> using a 500 ppb sucrose and a 500 ppb benzoquinone standards.
    As Received Data: As received data is collected prior to servicing or performing a new calibration on Anatel’s on-line TOC instrumentation. It identifies the current state of the analyzer, which validates data collected prior to calibration or servicing of the analyzer. This process involves comparing Resistivity, Temperature and TOC readings of the customer’s analyzer to that of a factory reference analyzer.
    REPAIR: 100% labor and parts for repairs/calibration failures except preventative maintenance parts. Also covers loaner cost should it be required while instrument is being repaired.
    NIST: Certificate documenting reference standard traceability to the National Institute of standards and Technology.
    Temperature Verification: Temperature calibration verification provides a field confirmation of the accuracy of the temperature values reported by Anatel’s online instrumentation. The values are determined by measuring the temperature of a high-purity water sample flowing through the instrument’s analysis cell. The verification subtracts a stable instrument reading from that obtained by a calibrated temperature measurement device. The difference should be no more than ±1 °C.
    4-20MA Calibration: This Calibration ensures that the analog output for TOC is within factory tolerance. The 4-20mA calibration also ensures that the customer data acquisition system reports accurate and actual TOC values.

    Reporting/Certificate of Performance

    • Provide Hach Field Service Report with complete documentation of service performed and measurements/readings.
    • Issue Certificate of Instrument Performance for each instrument that successfully passes final testing.


    • Provide basic end user training on general instrument operation and maintenance
    • Advance notice required by the customer).
*Please see standard terms and conditions for limitations.

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