GLI 33/53 Model Controllers Preventative Maintenance Partnership Scope of Work

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Published Date 07/16/2019
GLI 33/53 Model Controllers Preventative Maintenance Partnership Scope of Work

GLI Model 33/53 Controller Preventative Maintenance Partnership


Your Hach-GLI Model 33/53 controller Preventative Maintenance Partnership (PMP) provides preventative maintenance performed by a Hach Field Service Technician. In addition, the Hach Technical Support Team is available to assist in troubleshooting your specific instrument. Please have your contract#, Model# & Serial# available when you call.

During the pre-scheduled site visit, your Hach Field Service Technician will complete:

Verification of Instrument performance/Maintenance

  • Perform limited instrument cleaning.
  • Review and evaluate user programmed parameters.
  • Verify all instrument connections (including initial evaluation of the network topography).
  • Evaluate all instrument alarm and warning conditions (internal to your Hach instrument)
  • Verify instrument operating voltages.
  • Verify software and update as necessary


Reporting/Certificate of Performance

  • Provide Hach Field Service Report with complete documentation of service performed and measurements/readings.
  • Issue Certificate of Instrument Performance for each instrument that successfully passes final testing.



  • Provide basic end user training on general instrument operation and maintenance
  • (Advance notice required from the customer.)

*Please see standard terms and conditions for limitations.

**Probes are not included in this coverage. Probes must be covered separately


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