Pocket Colorimeter Preventative Maintenance Partnership Scope of Work

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Published Date 01/24/2020
Pocket Colorimeter Preventative Maintenance Partnership Scope of Work

Pocket Colorimeter

Preventative Maintenance Partnership


Your Hach Pocket Colorimeter Preventative Maintenance Partnership (PMP) provides preventative maintenance performed by a Hach Field Service Technician. In addition, the Hach Technical Support Team is available to assist in troubleshooting your specific instrument. Please have your contract number, model number, and serial number available when you call.

Only certain parameters are eligible for this service offering. These include chlorine (with or without pH), monochloramine/free ammonia, fluoride, and ozone for the Pocket Colorimeter II and chlorine for the original Pocket Colorimeter. Contact your support team to discuss the service options available for other parameters.

During the pre-scheduled site visit, your Hach Field Service Technician will complete:

Verification of Instrument performance/Maintenance

  • Clean instrument, including exterior, display, and sample compartment
  • Clean and inspect optics annually and replace interference filter if necessary
  • Replace batteries annually
  • Inspect condition of sample compartment, sample cell retaining springs, and battery contacts and replace if necessary (applies only to Pocket Colorimeter II)
  • Verify factory calibration with SpecCheck Secondary Standards

Reporting/Certificate of Performance

  • • Provide Hach Field Service Report with complete documentation of service performed and measurements/readings
  • • Issue Certificate of Instrument Performance for each instrument that successfully passes final testing



  • Provide basic end-user training on general instrument operation and maintenance
  • Advance notice required

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