PIB 37-377 REFO Instrument line obsolescence

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Document ID PIB258

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Published Date 07/22/2019
PIB 37-377 REFO Instrument line obsolescence
Europe; Hach Lab; 06/19/2019
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Product Obsolescence
Product Change/Update/Other


A 75+ years tradition of Hach Lange gloss meters ends now with the obsolescence of the REFO instrument line. Upcoming RoHS III requirements and electronic component obsolescence from external supplier’s results in unavailability of electronic production parts for REFO 3 and REFO 3D instruments. 

Additional sourcing issues of outdated electronic components leads to production material constrains for REFO 60/60D and results in obsolescence of this instrument series until end of the year 2019.


  • The REFO 3/3D instruments will be obsolete soon on 2019/06/30 w/o replacement.

  • The REFO 60/60D instruments will become obsolete on 2019/12/31 w/o replacement.

  • The Calibration/Working-Standards LZM150, LZM151 for REFO 60 and LZM154, LZM155 for REFO 3/3D instruments will be available until end of 2025.

  • Instrument repair and calibration service will be offered upon parts availability until end of 2025.

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