PIB 37-371 New Software for TL23xx

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Document ID PIB252

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Published Date 07/22/2019
PIB 37-371 New Software for TL23xx
Global; Hach Lab; 05/29/2019
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Product Change/Update/Other


A new Software update V6.2.7 is available for the TL23 Series Benchtop Turbidimeters to fix two bugs in version V6.2.5:


  • Bugfix 1: Decimal digit of verification difference was missing on paper printout. Paper print out of verification difference shows now the decimal digit.  


  • Bugfix 2:   The x/y-axis labels on the paper printout of a calibration curve are now correct (before the NTU and mg/l label was mixed up):



All software updates can be downloaded from www.hach.com.

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