TOC Application Notes & case Studies

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Published Date 02/07/2019
TOC Application Notes & case Studies
This section covers a range of Application Notes on TOC measurement and Hach's BioTector TOC analyser
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How Smart Is Your On-Line TOC Analyzer? by Nissan Cohen and Terry Strange, PhD
Organic Carbon Relationships Instruction Sheet
TOC Monitoring for the Chemical & Petrochemical Industry
Continuous Spectral Absorption Coefficient (SAC) and Total Organic Carbon (TOC) Measurement of Airport Wastewater
TOC – an insightful sum parameter
Practice report: HACH LANGE BioTector B7000 Tightens Effluent Control At GREENCORE
BioTector and Airport De-Icing Application Note
Lost Product Detection and Reduction Through Online TOC Monitoring. Innovative "dairy-designed" TOC analyzer technology minimizes product loss.
Reduced Product Loss and Treatment Costs with Online TOC Monitoring. Hach BioTector B7000 online TOC analyzers helped Glanbia meet its product loss and treatment objectives with minimal maintenance.
Increased Plant Yields and Regulatory Compliance with Online TOC Monitoring. Hach BioTector B7000 online TOC analyzers helped Carbery manufacturer obtain the real-time data to improve operations.
Hach BioTector 3500c Analyzer for TOC, TC, TIC and VOC Analysis
Global Adoption of TOC Analyzers Proves Valuable for Leading Chemical Company
Reliable On-line TOC Analysis for Difficult Applications
Importance of Visible TOC Levels
Using the BioTector TOC Analyzer for Condensate Return Applications
Effluent Organic Load Control Using Continuous TOC Monitoring
Simplified TOC Testing for Oil and Gas Waters with High Chloride Concentrations
Lost Product Detection and Prevention using TOC Monitoring of wastewater in the Dairy Industry
Reduced Product Loss and Treatment Costs with On-Line TOC Monitoring
Increased Plant Yields and Regulatory Compliance with On-Line TOC Monitoring
TOC Measurement in the Chemical/Petrochemical Industry
Reliable Operation of BioTector in High TIC Applications
TOC Removal in Drinking Water Applications
Online Total Organic Carbon (TOC) Analysers for Industrial Wastewater: A Performance Evaluation
Monitoring and Control of Material Losses Using the Biotector B7000 TOC Online Analyzer
On-line TOC Analysis For Difficult Applications
TOC Online Analytics – Protecting the environment and the plant
Monitor TOC and VOC to Avoid Downtime and Equipment Damage, and Maximize Operating Efficiency
TOC Analysis for Dow’s Control of Condensed Steam and Cooling Water
Monitor TOC in Drinking Water Sources to Optimize Chemical Usage and Minimize DBPs
TOC Monitoring of Effluent Water in Wastewater Treatment Plants to Ensure Water Quality
TOC Monitoring of the Reverse Osmosis System to Ensure Efficiency and Water Quality
TOC Monitoring in Airports for Storm Water Runoff and Surface Water Effluent
BioTector and RTC in Food Applications: Danone Group Optimises TOC Management and Reduces Reagent Costs
BioTector Case Study: Oijen, The Netherlands
Improving Taste and Odor Issues with TOC Monitoring
Improve quality and maintain cost with proper TOC monitoring in drinking water
Continuous Determination of Organic Loading in Wastewater
TOC and VOC Monitoring for Cooling Towers and Heat Exchangers


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