Are there CSI Specifications for EZ Series Analyzers?

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Published Date 05/23/2022
Are there CSI Specifications for EZ Series Analyzers?
List of available CSI Specifications for EZ Series Analyzers – sorted by Parameter and  EZ Series
On this page you can download all CSI Specs that are currently available:

Alkalinity - CSI Aluminum EZ1000_DOC353.53.30513 Titrator (single parameter) 
Alkalinity - CSI Alkalinity EZ4000_DOC353.53.30531
Alkalinity - CSI Alkalinity EZ5000_DOC353.53.30549 Titrator (multi-parameter) 
Aluminum, total - CSI Aluminum EZ2000_DOC353.53.30525 Colorimetric Analyzers 

Ammonia - CSI Ammonia EZ1000_DOC353.53.30514 Colorimetric Analyzers 
Ammonia - CSI Ammonia EZ3000_DOC353.53.30544 ISE Analyzers
Ammonia - CSI Ammonia EZ3500_DOC353.53.30551 ISE Analyzers with standard addition 
Ammonia - CSI Ammonia EZ4000_DOC353.53.30532 Titrator 
Arsenic, dissolved and total - CSI Arsenic EZ6000_DOC353.53.30501 Trace Metal Analyzers 
ATP / Microbial Load - CSI ATP EZ7300_DOC353.53.30537 Analyzers 
Boron - CSI Boron EZ1000_DOC353.53.30570 Colorimetric Analyzers

Cadmium - CSI Cadmium EZ6000_DOC353.53.30502 Trace Metal Analyzers 
Chloride - CSI Chloride EZ1000_DOC353.53.30515 Colorimetric Analyzers 
Chloride - CSI Chloride EZ3000_DOC353.53.30545 ISE Analyzers
Chloride - CSI Chloride EZ3500_DOC353.53.30552 ISE Analyzers with standard addition 
Chloride - CSI Chloride EZ4000_DOC353.53.30533 Titrator 
Chlorine - CSI Chlorine EZ1000_DOC353.53.30571 Colorimetric Analyzers
Chromium Cr(V), dissolved - CSI Chromium EZ1000_DOC353.53.30516 Colorimetric Analyzers 
Chromium, total - CSI Chromium EZ2000_DOC353.53.30526 Colorimetric Analyzers 

COD - CSI COD EZ7000_DOC353.53.30538 Analyzers 
Color - CSI Color EZ1000_DOC353.53.30572 Colorimetric Analyzers
Copper, dissolved - CSI Copper EZ1000_DOC353.53.30517 Colorimetric Analyzers 
Copper, dissolved and total - CSI Copper EZ6000_DOC353.53.30504 Trace Metal Analyzers 
Copper, total - CSI Copper EZ2000_DOC353.53.30527 Colorimetric Analyzers 
Cyanide, free - CSI Cyanide EZ1000_DOC353.53.30518 Colorimetric Analyzers 
Cyanide, total - CSI Cyanide EZ2000_DOC353.53.30528 Colorimetric Analyzers 

Fluoride - CSI Fluoride EZ3000_DOC353.53.30546 ISE Analyzers
Fluoride - CSI Fluoride EZ3500_DOC353.53.30553 ISE Analyzers with standard addition
Hardness - CSI Hardness EZ1000_DOC353.53.30573 Colorimetric Analyzers
Hardness - CSI Hardness EZ4000_DOC353.53.30534 Titrator (single parameter) 
Hardness - CSI Hardness EZ5000_DOC353.53.30550 Titrator (multi-parameter) 
Hydrogen Peroxide H2O2 - CSI H2O2 EZ1000_DOC353.53.30577 Colorimetric Analyzers
Iron, dissolved and total dissolved - CSI Iron EZ1000_DOC353.53.30519 Colorimetric Analyzers
Iron, total - CSI Iron EZ2000_DOC353.53.30529 Colorimetric Analyzers 

Lead, dissolved and total - CSI Lead EZ6000_DOC353.53.30505 Trace Metal Analyzers 
Manganese, dissolved - CSI Manganese EZ1000_DOC353.53.30520 Colorimetric Analyzers 
Manganese, total - CSI Manganese EZ2000_DOC353.53.30530 Colorimetric Analyzers 
Mercury, dissolved and total - CSI Mercury EZ6000_DOC353.53.30507 Trace Metal Analyzers 

Nitrate - CSI Nitrate EZ1000_DOC353.53.30574 Colorimetric Analyzers
Nitrite - CSI Nitrite EZ1000_DOC353.53.30575 Colorimetric Analyzers
Nitrogen, total - CSI TN EZ7700_DOC353.53.30541 Analyzers 
Nitrogen, total and Phosphorus, total - CSI TN TP EZ7600_DOC353.53.30548 Analyzers 
Phenol - CSI Phenol EZ1000_DOC353.53.30521 Colorimetric Analyzers 
Phosphate, ortho - CSI Phosphate EZ1000_DOC353.53.30522 Colorimetric Analyzers 
Phosphorus, total - CSI TP EZ7800_DOC353.53.30542 Analyzers 
Phosphorus, total and Nitrogen, total - CSI TN TP EZ7600_DOC353.53.30548 Analyzers 

Silica - CSI Silica EZ1000_DOC353.53.30576 Colorimetric Analyzers
Sulfate - CSI Sulfate EZ1000_DOC353.53.30523 Colorimetric Analyzers 
Sulfate - CSI Sulfate EZ4000_DOC353.53.30535 Titrator 
Sulfide - CSI Sulfide EZ1000_DOC353.53.30578 Colorimetric Analyzers
Sulfide - CSI Sulfide EZ3000_DOC353.53.30547 ISE Analyzers 
Sulfide - CSI Sulfide EZ3500_DOC353.53.30554 ISE Analyzers with standard addition 
Sulfide - CSI Sulfide EZ4000_DOC353.53.30536 Titrator 

Tin, dissolved and total - CSI Tin EZ6000_DOC353.53.30511 Trace Metal Analyzers 
TOC and TC - CSI TOC TC EZ7100_DOC353.53.30539 Analyzers 
Toxicity - CSI Toxicity EZ7900_DOC353.53.30540 Analyzers 
Volatile Fatty Acids and FOS/TAC - CSI Volatile Fatty Acids VFA EZ7200_DOC353.53.30543 Analyzers 
Zinc, dissolved - CSI Zinc EZ1000_DOC353.53.30524 Colorimetric Analyzers 
Zinc, dissolved and total - CSI Zinc EZ6000_DOC353.53.30512 Trace Metal Analyzers 

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