Connecting the DR300 Pocket Colorimeter to Claros App Note

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Published Date 07/08/2019
Connecting the DR300 Pocket Colorimeter to Claros App Note
The Hach Pocket Colorimeter is the industry standard for accurate, reliable, portable colorimetric water analyses.  The new DR300 Pocket Colorimeter combines over 25 years of dependable performance with the powerful Hach Claros Collect data management system.  With Claros Collect, all water quality data are immediately available for review and analysis.
The DR300 Bluetooth dongle transfers measurement data and metadata directly to a smart-phone or tablet using the Claros Collect app.  Analytical data, measurement time, instrument ID, analyst ID, sample location, and error logs are all automatically transferred from the DR300 to the app and from the app to a PC.  Automated data transfer eliminates transcription errors, provides data traceability, ensures accountability, and improves efficiency in data handling.  Manual data recording and transcription from paper to computer are replaced with the push of a button. 
Claros Collect provides immediate access to field data, notes, and observations.  Collect utilizes intuitive graphing and spreadsheet functions to assist in monitoring trends and preparing reports.  All data can be exported from Collect as a Microsoft Excel file for additional analysis.
This application note describes how to take full advantage of the benefits available through linking the DR300 to Claros Collect.

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