Field Testing for Residual Chlorine App Note

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Published Date 10/09/2019
Field Testing for Residual Chlorine App Note
Residual disinfectant concentration is an essential indicator of the health of the drinking water distribution system. A measurable disinfectant residual indicates that the microbial deactivation achieved at the water plant is still effective at the customer tap.
There are strict regulatory monitoring requirements for residual disinfectant. The USEPA Surface Water Treatment Rule (SWTR) requires that public water systems using surface water or ground water under the direct influence of surface water must measure residual disinfectant. The USEPA Total Coliform Rule (TCR) requires public water systems to create a sampling plan which samples from sites that are representative of water quality throughout the distribution system. The number of samples is dictated by the population served by the system. The SWTR requires that residual disinfectant be sampled at the same place and time as those samples taken for total coliform monitoring.

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