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DR300 Resource Library
This is the Resource Library to house all DR300 Supporting Documentation.
Product Information

The DR300 Pocket Colorimeter

Additional Procedures and Manuals are available on Hach.com. Use the 'Kit #' link to visit the product page for additional downloads.
Parameter Range Kit # Manual Procedure
Chlorine, F/T 0.02-2.00 mg/L Cl2
0.1-8.0 mg/L Cl2
LPV445.97.00110 Manual Low Range
High Range
Chlorine, F/T 0.05-4.00 mg/L Cl2
0.1-10.0 mg/L Cl2
LPV445.97.62110 Manual Mid Range
High Range
Chlorine, pH 0.1-10.0 mg/L Cl2
6.0-8.5 pH
LPV445.97.12110 Manual HR Chlorine
Monochlor/Free Ammonia 0.05-4.50 mg/L Monochloramine as CL2
0.02-0.50 Free Ammonia as NH3-N
LPV445.97.26110 Manual Combined Procedure
Phosphate 0.02-3.00 mg/L PO4 LPV445.97.06110 Manual Phosphate
Ozone 0.01-0.25 mg/L O3
0.01-0.75 mg/L O3
LPV445.97.04110 Manual Low Range
Mid Range
Iron 0.02-5.00 mg/L Fe LPV445.97.22110 Manual Procedure
Iron 0.01-1.70 mg/L Fe LPV445.97.16110 Manual Procedure
Chlorine Dioxide 0.05-5.00 mg/L ClO2 LPV445.97.51110 Manual Procedure
Molybdenum 0.02-3.00 mg/L Mo
0.1-12.0 mg/L Mo
LPV445.97.10110 Manual Low Range
High Range
Nitrate 0.4-30.0 mg/L NO3-N LPV445.97.02110 Manual Procedure
Ammonia 0.01-0.80 mg/L NH3-N LPV445.97.40110 Manual Procedure
Bromine 0.05-4.50 mg/L Br
0.2-10.0 mg/L Br
LPV445.97.01110 Manual Low Range
High Range
Zinc 0.02-3.00 mg/L Zn LPV445.97.09110 Manual Procedure
Manganese 0.2-20.0 mg/L Mn LPV445.97.15110 Manual Procedure
Oxygen, Dissolved 0.2-10.0 mg/L O2 LPV445.97.03110 Manual Procedure
Aluminum 0.02-0.80 mg/L Al LPV445.97.25110 Manual Procedure
Single Wavelength, 528 nm Custom LPV445.97.52110 Manual NA
Single Wavelength, 500 nm Custom LPV445.97.50110 Manual NA
Single Wavelength, 600 nm Custom LPV445.97.60110 Manual NA
Single Wavelength, 655 nm Custom LPV445.97.65110 Manual NA

More Information:

Application Notes, FAQ's and More

 Application Note: High Range Cyanuric Acid Analysis


 Instruction Sheet: DR300 Dongle 

Certificate of Analysis Technical Data for Validation Free Chlorine Powder Pillows (0.02 – 2.00 mg/L) 

Certificate of Analysis Technical Data for Validation Total Chlorine Powder Pillows (0.02 – 2.00 mg/L) 

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