What is the recommended cleaning for a Ion Selective Electrodes (ISE) with PVC membranes?

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Published Date 12/20/2021
What is the recommended cleaning for a Ion Selective Electrodes (ISE) with PVC membranes?
Cleaning a Nitrate, Ammonium, and Calcium ISEs.
Some ISEs use a PVC membrane with a special coating for selectivity specific to the ion of interest.Some examples of probes with PVC membranes include:

ISENO3181 and other Nitrate ISEs
ISENH4181 and other Ammonium ISEs
9660C and other Calcium ISEs

There are limited cleaning options for these electrodes. The coating on these membranes can easily be damaged from the use of cleaning solutions. So in many cases trying to clean these electrodes with a chemical cleaning solution like Electrode Cleaning Solution 2965249), Acid Electrode Cleaning Solution 2975149), or Renovo can actually cause additional problems, and can even ruin the electrode.

Because of this these probes are generally recommended for use in cleaner applications and will have a much shorter expected life in dirtier sample types. It's also more important with these electrodes that the probes be well rinsed with Demineralized water between samples.

Below is the cleaning procedure out lined in the maintenance section of the IntelliCAL™ PVC membrane ISE manuals.
For general contaminants, complete the following steps:

1. Rinse the probe with deionized water. Blot dry with a lint-free cloth. Do not touch the tip of the probe.
2. If harsh contaminants are attached to the probe, polish the probe tip with a soft cloth or cotton swab to remove the contaminants. (This is referring specifically to the junction ring, not the membrane which is in the center)
3. Soak for 30 minutes in the lowest concentration standard of the calibration set.

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