PIB 37-307 AMTAX sc: New software V2.30 released, bugfix

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Published Date 11/27/2018
PIB 37-307 AMTAX sc: New software V2.30 released, bugfix
Global; Hach Process; 11/27/2018
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Product Change/Update/Other
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A new software V2.30 for AMTAX sc (LXV421.xx.xxxxx, LXG421.xx.xxxxx) has been released for production and service (November 23, 2018). Instruments with serial number #1852455 or higher have this software installed ex-works from the manufacturer. Instruments in the field can be updated via SD card. If you have any questions, please contact TechSupport.

This new software fixes an issue after power loss. Some instruments, dependent on the hardware revision, did not restart in the same mode after a power loss. Instead of restarting in the “measuring mode”, these instruments went into “service mode” and needed to be restarted manually.


  • Bugfix: The instrument now restarts after power up in the same mode. If in measuring mode it will restart in the measuring mode. If in service mode it will restart in the service mode.
  • New software (AMTAX SC_1_110_P13) can be downloaded from the HACH website. Please choose the correct language package.



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