How to add a controller in MSM

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Published Date 11/19/2018
How to add a controller in MSM
Adding a controller to MSM, follow this step-by-step article

Make sure that mA output cards, relay cards, or Profibus cards are already installed in the controller. Refer to the SC1500 and/or SC4200c controller user manual for installation instructions and for connecting the controller to the HACH server.

1. Add your Hach controller with the sensors attached to the system. When all connections are made, supply power to the controller and log into the Claros web application using the URL provided above.
2. Select the Device Management application.
3. On the welcome page, only an administrator can push ADD CONTROLLER.

4. Enter the serial number of the controller. Push CONTINUE to confirm.
5. Wait approximately 30 seconds, then refresh the browser. The controller will be online in the device list.
6. Verify that the correct serial number and image of the controller are shown.
7. Select the controller on the device list to open the controller details page.
8. The sensors and communication cards connected to the controller are shown.

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