Technical requirements for Claros Collect

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Published Date 11/02/2018
Technical requirements for Claros Collect
Find out what basic requirements you need, to start collecting data, with Claros Collect

What is Claros Collect

  • Hach Claros Collect enables you to enter field data with iOS, Android native apps or through a web browser.  Data is entered and saved to the Hach Data center.  When using the native apps, data can be collected when off-line and will be sent to the server when device is connected.
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Technical Requirements for Claros Collect

Mobile iOS: Download the app CLAROS COLLECT from the Apple App store
                   Requires iOS 11.0 or greater

Mobile Android: Download the app CLAROS COLLECT from Google Play
                           Requires Android 6.0 or greater

Compatibility: With any mobile device with a supported web browser

Web Browsers: Current and previous releases of Google Chrome, Safari®, and Microsoft® Edge™ desktop browsers.

NORTH AMERICA ONLY: Water Information Management Solution (WIMS)
WIMS version 7.6.8 or later
WIMS Q14412 Claros Interface v1.0.2 or later

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