Orbisphere M1100 LDO Sensor Resource Library

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Published Date 01/18/2019
Orbisphere M1100 LDO Sensor Resource Library
The Orbisphere M1100 LDO Sensor Resource Library provides information on the M1100 O2 Sensor from Hach.
Product Information
Hach Orbisphere Analyzer with LDO spot for high accurate optical and ease to use measurement and low maintenance especially designed for beverage application The Orbisphere M1100 LDO Sensor, in combination with the Orbisphere 410 one channel or the Orbisphere 510 multi-channel controller, offers a new way of monitoring dissolved oxygen in the beverage production process.

Click here to review datasheets on the Orbisphere M1100 LDO Sensor.

User Manuals:
Click here to review user manuals for the Orbisphere M1100 LDO Sensor.

Application Notes:
Amperometric and Optical Sensors in Brewing - Part 1
Amperometric and Optical Sensors in Brewing - Part 2
Increasing LDO Longevity in Brewing
Optical DO Sensors Improve Fermentation Management
Orbisphere M1100: Customer Success Story - Carlsberg

General Information:
Click here to review General Information regarding the Orbisphere M1100 LDO Sensor.

Frequently Asked Questions:
Is there a method to verify Orbisphere Oxygen sensor reads down to minimum detection limit after successful calibration?
Which type of gas is needed for the calibration of the Orbisphere M/K1100?
What does the calibration tool for the Orbisphere M/K1X00 look like?

Can an Orbisphere LDO sensor be used in an application containing hydrocarbons?
What should be the minimum distance for an Orbisphere sensor from a bend?
How do I determine Total Package Oxygen (TPO) using the Orbisphere M1100 sensor and a 29972 Piercing stand?
Can the flow rate for the Orbisphere Luminescent Dissolved Oxygen (LDO) sensors be set lower than the recommended 50 mL/minute when using a flow chamber?

Article LinkDoes Hach have atex version from LDO sensor for power plants?
What is the shelf life of the Spot for the Orbisphere M/K1X00?
Commercial Resources
Scope of Work Documents:
Field Service Partnership SOW
WarrantyPlus SOW

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