Application Note: Optimised Aeration Control with W.T.O.S.

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Published Date 10/22/2018
Application Note: Optimised Aeration Control with W.T.O.S.
At the Villau treatment plant, the fixed time control for aeration could not be adapted precisely enough to handle the fluctuating load levels. This led to unnecessarily high nitrate values, particularly during low-load phases. In addition, energy consumption as a whole was too high.
To determine the current load situation, ion-selective (ISE) probes were installed to record the ammonium and nitrate concentrations in the oxidation ditch. A W.T.O.S. N/DN module (real-time controller) now controls the appropriate aeration times on the basis of these values. As a result, the target values for both ammonium and nitrate are being achieved, even though the aeration times have been reduced. During low-load phases, the denitrification times are automatically increased. This means that high nitrate effluent values can be avoided, while saving energy at the same time.

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