Application Note: Phosphorus Limit Compliance, Optimize Chemical Dosage & Process Control

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Published Date 05/12/2022
Application Note: Phosphorus Limit Compliance, Optimize Chemical Dosage & Process Control
A major soft drink manufacturer has a limit of 2 mg/L of total phosphorus in its final effluent. With production spills and scheduled discharges of nonconformance product, a local plant was at risk of not meeting its phosphorus limits.
Real-time analysis from the Hach® RTC-P system, combined with ChemTreat’s 8200-L precipitant, helped reduce the manufacturer’s phosphorus levels below the allowable limit. The manufacturer has been able to meet its compliance limits. The phosphate discharge values are now controlled at less than 2 parts per million (ppm) total phosphorus. Total suspended solids (TSS) and turbidity readings are reduced by approximately 10%.
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English - US RTC-P Helps with Phosphorus Limit Compliance, Optimizes Chemical Dosage, and Improves Process Control_DOC043.53.30335
English - UK Phosphorus Limit Compliance, Optimise Chemical Dosage & Process Control_DOC043.52.30335
German Einhaltung von Phosphor-Grenzwerten und Optimierung von Fällmitteldosierung und Prozesssteuerung_DOC043.72.30335
Italian Conformità ai valori limite del fosforo, ottimizzazione del dosaggio chimico e controllo di processo_DOC043.57.30335
Spanish Cumplimiento de los límites de fósforo, optimización de la dosificación de reactivos y control del proceso_DOC043.61.30335
Russian Соблюдение норм содержания фосфора, оптимизация дозирования реагентов и контроль процесса_DOC043.62.30335
Turkish Fosfor Limiti Uyumluluğu, Kimyasal Dozajı ve Proses Kontrolünü Optimize Etme_DOC043.94.30335
Dutch Naleving van de lozingseisen voor fosfaat, door optimale regeling en minimale chemicaliëndosering_DOC043.56.30335
Polish Stężenie fosforu w dopuszczalnych granicach, optymalizacja dozowania środków chemicznych i kontrola procesu_DOC043.60.30335

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