How to add users in Claros and username complexity

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Published Date 10/11/2018
How to add users in Claros and username complexity
 Features, concepts and username considerations to know when adding/creating users in Claros.



  • Only the Admintrator role can add/edit/unlock and deactivate users.
  • The new Claros user  will receive an email with 24 hours to setup his/her account. Otherwise, the link will expire.
  • When the new user is created in Claros, the admin can check the status of the account: The are three main states of an account 
    • PENDING:  Email has been sent and the user can still activate account by following link in the email. (24 hrs to complete this action)
    • ACTIVE:   User has setup his/her account. 
    • INVITE EXPIRED: User did not activate his/her account within 24 hours. Click the specific user to resend the invite.

When setting your Username in Claros, consider:

  • Usernames cannot be an email address: Because email addresses can be guessed easily; Email Addresses can be addociated to a specific individual
  • Cannot contain First or Last Name
  • Minimun 6 characters
  • Aphanumeric characters only (A-Z, 0-9) or a period (".")
  • No generic terms or extensions (ex: .com, .net)
  • Case sensitive
  • Not in use currently by another user
  • Users must be unique. Username is case sensitive when logging in
Step-by-Step Adding a User in Claros.
1. Adding Users: Select the Display Menu button  and go to Manage > Users:

2. Fill up the required information of the new user and define his/her role. You can only choose ONE role, either Administrator or Basic

3. You, as administrator, can see the status of user invitations in the right column  

4. If an invitation has expired, because user did not activate his/her account within 24 hrs. You, as Admin can resend the invite email


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