How-to-articles for Claros Collect

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Published Date 12/20/2021
How-to-articles for Claros Collect
Claros Collect How-to articles can help you to get started and get value, faster. Click on the resources below, some of the articles also contain short tutorial videos for your guidance.


Getting Started


Setting Up a Plant

How to Set up a Plant in Claros +Video  - Learn the concept, hierarchy, who can setup a plant in Claros
How to configure the Distribution site setup - Learn an easy, fast  way to setup your Distribution sites  

Organizing Data and Using Graphs

How to create Spreadsheets and Export data + Video  - Learn how to organize and review your data, followed by exporting it into a excel file
How to create a Bench Sheet in Claros Collect  - A bench Sheet is a data Collection Form. Learn how to create one
How to create a Graph in Claros Collect - Graphs are another Claros tool to help you trend your data
How to import data + Video  - Learn how to import store data into a Claros Collect location parameter

Setting Up Collect Features

How to add Custom Observations + Video - Learn how to define the list of values to be added as a Location parameter
How to use text parameters  - Text data can be tracked via Text parameters in Claros Collect
How to set the totalizer widget +Video  - Totalizer allows you enter values from your time meter, flow meter easily using Claros Collect
How to set the Level Collection widget + Video - Level Collection is used to enter Chemical tank levels. Learn how to set it up.

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