How to set up a Plant in Claros Collect

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Published Date 10/09/2018
How to set up a Plant in Claros Collect
Tutorial video in how to set up a plant in Claros Collect. Learn the concept, hierarchy, who can do it and How to.
What is a Plant Set up?  Plant Setup is the foundation of Data Storage in Claros. Add each process, location and parameter that your plant/operation need to track.

Claros Plant structure: Claros organizes the Plant in the following hierarchy:
                    Plant/Operation - Name of the plant/operation
               ⇒ Process - Data collection is organized by process
  Locations - Also known as sample point; collection point; collection type
          Parameters - What is being tracked, e.g., pH, turb, flow, etc

Claros names: For Distribution and Collection: Claros refers to them as  OPERATIONS

                        For Drinking Water and Waste Water: Claros refer to them as PLANTS

Who can setup a Plant in Claros?  Any Claros user set with Administrator responsabilities. 

Video Tutorial: How to setup a Plant in Claros Collect


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