Can the Ferrous Iron (Fe2+) test be performed on a Pocket Colorimeter II?

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Published Date 10/09/2018
Can the Ferrous Iron (Fe2+) test be performed on a Pocket Colorimeter II?
Ferrous Iron test on FerroVer program.
The FerroVer Total Iron Method 8008 and Ferrous Iron Method 8146 have use a similar chemistry. Both methods use 1,10-Phenantholine as the color indicator which reacts with the Iron in the sample. The difference between FerroVer and Ferrous Iron reagents is that the FerroVer reagent also includes a component that converts all but the most resistant forms of Iron present in the sample to Ferrous Iron which then reacts with the indicator. The Ferrous Iron reagent does not include this component so it only measures Ferrous Iron. More information on the chemistry of the Iron methods can be found in this document: Iron for Water and Seawater

Because of this relationship between the two tests, the instrumentation compatibility, calibration curves/programs, and ranges are the same for both the FerroVer method and the Ferrous Iron method. So the FerroVer Pocket Colorimeter II (Product # 5870022) can be used to measure Ferrous Iron following the procedure outlined in Method 8146.

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