PIB 37-272 New and Revised Amperometric Titration Applications for the AT1000

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Document ID PIB151

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Published Date 10/08/2018
PIB 37-272 New and Revised Amperometric Titration Applications for the AT1000
US Only; Hach Lab; 9/20/2018
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Product Change/Update/Other

Hach has released revised and updated amperometric titration applications for chlorine, chlorine dioxide, chlorite and sulfite.


  • New instructional AT1000 Videos available on the website.
  • New paper inserts to inform customers about USB drive containing titrimetric information.
  • New application selection guide.
  • New troubleshooting photos and images.
  • SOPs include photos and images to assist customers how to download COAs.
  • SOPs are provided in Word document form allowing customers to edit their laboratory SOP accordingly.

Amperometric Methods Selection Guide (NEW)

Revised Methods:

  1. Free Chlorine
  2. Chlorine Dioxide and Chlorite in Water
  3. Chlorite in Water Quick 2-Step
  4. Total Chlorine Back Titration
  5. Sulfite
  6. Total Chlorine Forward Titration, 0.00564 N PAO Titrant

New Methods:

  1. Chlorine Dioxide Generator Yield
  2. Total Chlorine Forward Titration, Diluted Titrant (0.000564 N PAO)

Website Links:
Sulfite, App Note
Free Chlorine, App Note
Chlorine Dioxide, Chlorite in Water, App Note
Total chlorine, Back Titration, App Note
Amperometric Method Selection Guide
Chlorine Dioxide Generator Yield, App Note
Total Chlorine, Forward Titration 0.00564N Titrant, App Note
Total Chlorine, Forward Titration Diluted Titrant, App Note
Chlorite in Water, Quick 2-Step, App Note


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