How to: Use text Paramenters in Claros Collect

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Published Date 10/09/2018
How to: Use text Paramenters in Claros Collect

Text data can be tracked via Text Paraments in Claros Collect.
A text Parameter displays a list of values that a user pick to set them.

There are two types of paramenters:
  • Numeric entry: Allows any numeric value to any decimal places to be entered.
    •     Note: Numeric entry does not allow data qualifiers (e.g.,<2 cannot be entered)
  • Text Selection: Allow the users to pick a value from a pre-defined list.
    • Condition: Full; Half
    • Equipment State: On; Off; Hold
    • Equipment Status (PBC): In- Service; Out of Service; Needs maintenance
    • Process Observed: Yes; No
    • Process Status: Online; Offline
    • Value State: Open; Closed
  • Example of Process Status:


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