How are sample IDs imported into a TL23xx Turbidimeter?

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How are sample IDs imported into a TL23xx Turbidimeter?
Sample ID import on a TL23xx Tubidimeter
To import Sample IDs into a TL23xx Series Laboratory Turbidimeter follow these steps:

1. On a PC, make a new spreadsheet file.
2. In the first row type the following into individual cells  #Reading Number, #Sample ID, #Date and Time.
3. In the rows of cells thereafter the respective information must be typed into cells within the respective columns.
4. Make a new folder on a USB flash drive. Give the folder the name "SampleID".
5  Save the spreadsheet file as a .CSV to the USB folder named SampleID.
6. Connect the USB flash drive to a USB port on the instrument.
7. On the instrument, push Sample ID>Options>Import Sample ID list. (The filename of the spreadsheet file(s) in the SampleID folder shows.)
8. Select the applicable spreadsheet file, then push OK. The sample IDs are added to the instrument.

The example of how it needs to look in order to be recognized by the TL23 is attached.

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