PIB 37-249 New TNT862 Reagent Set for Cyanide Analysis

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Published Date 01/19/2022
PIB 37-249 New TNT862 Reagent Set for Cyanide Analysis
Hach Lab; US Only; 7/24/2018
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Product Launch

Hach is releasing a new TNTplus reagent set for free cyanide analysis, TNT862. This method uses the USEPA approved (EPA 335.2) methodology of pyridine-barbituric acid. The method can be used to determine total cyanide by utilizing Hach’s MicroDist distillation system.


  • TNT862 reagent set used without the MicroDist distillation step will recover free cyanide
  • TNT862 reagent set used with the MicroDist distillation step will recover total cyanide
  • Cyanide is a reportable parameter in both Drinking Water and Wastewater analysis
  • Cyanide is an important parameter in the Gold Mining Industry
  • Cyanide concentration range 0.01 - 0.60 mg/L CN 

Tubes, MICRO DIST® Cyanide-1, NaOH trapping solution, pkg of 21MICRO DIST® Block Only, Digital, 110 Vac

Hach’s current options for CN analysis are difficult and time consuming, either Lachat’s QC8500 flow injection analyzer or Hach method 8027 pyridine/pyrazalone. Method 8027 has a 30-minute reaction time compared to TNT862 3-minute reaction time. Plus, the distillation procedure is much more involved compared to Hach’s MicroDist distillation system.
Most customers with NPDES or NPDWR permitting will outsource their cyanide analysis for roughly $35/sample. Utilizing TNT862 and MicroDist distillation system a customer can analyze their total cyanide samples for roughly $11 per test with distillation ($2.8/vial test + $8/distillation tube), this is a 70% cost savings by analyzing the CN samples in-house. Another benefit of performing the CN analysis in-house, is operators can identify issues in real time and take corrective actions to resolve compliance issues.

TNT862 can be evaluated on the following HACH instruments

  • DR1900, DR2800, DR3800, DR3900, DR5000, DR6000

Required accessory for distillation:

  • DRB200 with MicroDist adapter sleeves LZT144 and MicroDist tubes (50/pkg = A17517, 100/pkg = A17117)

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